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Add products to a client proposal

Set criteria for what plans to view. Filter and compare plans. Add plans to a proposal.

Step 1: Enter Zip/County/State information and choose plan effective date:


Step 2: Set criteria for what plans to view: 


Filter & Compare (Optional Steps):

To Filter and compare plans, tick the "Compare" button in the bottom left corner of the desired Plans. Once you have selected all of the Plans you wish to compare, click on "Compare plans":


The selected plans will appear next to each other for easy comparison. 


Step 3: Add plans to build a client proposal by clicking on the "Add to proposal" button in the bottom right corner of each available plan:


Step 4: When you have selected all the plans the desired plans, click on "Proceed" on the top right corner of the page.


Step 5: At the bottom of the "My Proposal" page, click on "Save Proposal" to finalize your selected products.