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[Video Tutorial] How to build and confirm a client proposal

Quickly generate a multi-line proposal with multiple all digital sharing options for your clients and confirm their plan selection

Full video walk-through:


Step by Step Guide

Follow these steps to create and share your proposal:

  1. Adding a lead
  2. Setting up your proposal
  3. Browsing and comparing plans
  4. Adding plans to your proposal
  5. Sharing and printing your proposal

Step 1: Adding a lead

  • To start, navigate to the 'Quote and Enroll' tab in the Insurance Menu platform and select 'Add New Lead'
  • Next, input basic lead information using the form provided.
  • Pro Tip: "Company Name" is the only required field to create a lead.

Step 2: Setting up your proposal

  • You will then begin building your proposal. Proceed through the proposal buttons to then land on the 'Shopping For' form.
  • In the 'Shopping For' form, input the company's location and the effective date of the proposal. This data can be changed later if needed.
  • Next, select the product line you would like to browse first.
  • Note: you will be able to browse other product lines in a future screen
  • Next, fill in the plan criteria for the plans you would like to browse. As a note, the number of fields will vary depending on products and providers.

Step 3: Browsing and comparing plans

  • The Browse Page will then display all the plans that match the criteria you have specified.
  • Pro Tip: use the filters on the left to narrow down the results.
  • At any point, you can switch product lines using the product line module on the left panel. This allows you to browse, compare, or add products from each product line to your proposal.
  • The Compare Plans feature allows you to compare multiple selected plans side by side using the compare buttons.

Step 4: Adding plans to your proposal

  • Add the desired plans to your proposal using the 'Add to Proposal' button
  • To remove a plan, click the remove button on that selected plan
  • Once you have added all of the desired plans to your proposal, you can then save your proposal
  • Pro tip: Don't forget to add products from each product line!

Step 5: Sharing and printing your proposal

  • Insurance Menu makes it easy to share your proposal to your client from directly within the platform. From the 'More Options' dropdown, select 'View/Email Proposal' and you will see a preview of the proposal.
  • From the Preview Page, you can add a message to the proposal, print or save the proposal, as well as send the proposal directly to the client via email.
  • Once you have emailed the proposal through Insurance Menu, you can track whether the client has viewed directly within the platform.


Last updated 8/11/2020