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How to enroll a group

Once you have confirmed what plans to offer employees, InsuranceMenu offers a number of ways to capture elections and manage open enrollment

Here you'll see how to complete each step of the enrollment process once you've confirmed the group's proposal. Click on each step below to navigate to each section

  1. Getting started with the Group Checklist
  2. Invite group to self-enroll (optional)
  3. Company Info
  4. Employer Contribution
  5. Employee Elections
  6. Forms
  7. Review & Submit

1. Getting started with the Group Checklist

The Group Checklist is the central hub for managing your proposal and enrolling your group. It will walk you each necessary step to help ensure accurate and comprehensive information to enroll your group successfully.

Greyed Out Button

If a section button is greyed out, it indicates that you must complete a prior section(s) before gaining access to that section. Once a section is complete, you always have the option to go back to that section to review or edit information.

Top Timeline

The timeline at the top will always indicate where you are within the enrollment process.

2. Invite group to self-enroll (optional)

Inviting a group admin enables the group admin to self enroll and complete the checklist on their own.

The admin will receive an email providing simple instructions to get access to the checklist, and will see an identical checklist to complete on behalf of their group.

After sending the invitation, you will also see the exact time the message was sent to the left of the ‘Invite group to self-enroll’ checklist card. From here, you can also resend the invitation if necessary.

3. Company Info

In this step, we will provide basic information about the company, such as the group administrators name, contact information, and address. This information is required to enroll your group with the insurance carrier.

Payroll deduction frequency

We collect the payroll deduction frequency so we can later show the employee the paycheck deduction amount based on their elections.

Physical business address

The physical business address will show where the business is physically located. If there is a different mailing or billing address, you will need to check off the boxes and change those addresses accordingly.

4. Employer Contribution

In this step, we will choose how much of the cost the employer will cover for their employees (the contribution amount). There are 2 types of employer contributions:

  1. Percentage Contribution (Recommended) - The most common contribution strategy where the employer defines their contribution amount based on a percentage
  2. Fixed Dollar Amount - Also known as a defined contribution. A fixed amount of money employees can use towards all of their benefits elections as they see fit.

For each benefit and family size, the amount the employer will provide will need to be defined.

5. Employee Elections

First thing we’ll need to do is load an employee census. To do this, we will start by downloading the employee census, filling out the required employee information, and then importing the employee census back into Insurance Menu.

Download the template

Fill out required information

Import the completed census


Importing Additional Employees:

If you have already completed an employee import and would like to import additional employees, you will follow the same process. However, you must ensure that you only have the new employees you would like to import to avoid duplicate entries in the Insurance Menu platform.


Handling Import Errors:

If there are errors in your census import, they will highlight in red within the Insurance Menu platform. In this case, errors will need to be fixed directly within the census spreadsheet and re-uploaded into the Insurance Menu platform.

Errors cannot be corrected directly within Insurance Menu to ensure that the external spreadsheet and the Insurance Menu platform contain consistent data.

Submitting Employee Elections

After importing and submitting the employee census, you will land on the employee elections page where you will see all of your employees that have been imported. From here, you can make elections on behalf of the employees, or by inviting employees to self-enroll.

Inviting employees to self enroll

You can invite the employees to self enroll by clicking the 'Invite employee (self-enroll)" link underneath the 'Save Elections' button. This will trigger an email to the selected employee allowing them to enroll themselves and any dependents.

Important Note: Once you click the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the Elections page, this will end open enrollment and any employees that have not yet enrolled will no longer have access to enrollment. It's always best to double-check that each employee has successfully enrolled prior to ending open enrollment.

Saving elections on behalf of employees:

In order to save elections on behalf of employees, you simply need to navigate to each employee and select the desired products from each product line for that employee (See the 'Batch Elect' feature below to save time on elections). Once the products have been selected, make sure you select 'Save Elections' on each employee to validate your choices.

Batch elect employees:

Using the batch elect feature allows you to more quickly complete your elections by making numerous election choices at once. The walk-through below will show you how to access the batch elect feature.

Pro Tip: Use our batch-elect dropdown to invite multiple employees to open enrollment at once.

6. Forms

In this step, we will complete all the required carrier forms. The employer forms table will show all the forms needed to be completed by the employer. In most cases, all of the forms will be digital, so there will be no paper forms to fill out. Simply fill out the forms until all are indicated as 'complete'.

7. Review & Submit

Here we have a list of all the steps we completed earlier and we can review each step. If we need to change any information, we can go back to the checklist, and make the necessary changes.

If we think everything is correct and we are ready to proceed, we can click submit and we have just completed our enrollment!

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