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How to process your renewals

If renewals are activated, you can quickly process your book of business renewals to continue, make plan changes, end coverage, and add new lines.

Note: Not all carriers working with InsuranceMenu have made renewals available. Check with your agency administrator to see if this is activated for your account.

1. View renewals

You can start to work on a group's renewal when their renewal window opens up (typically 60 or 90 days out from their renewal date, depending on the carrier). In your "Book of Business" tab, groups within their renewal window will have an active "Work Renewal" button (see below).

2. Make desired renewal changes 

When working a renewal, you can make the following changes for your client:

  • Renew as-is
  • Make a change (i.e change plan, cancel)
  • Add new benefit (i.e add Vision)

Optional: Update Group Information & Contribution

  • Make changes to the group's information such as company name, address, contact info, etc. 
  • Update the group's employer contribution amounts on existing lines and set the contribution for new cross-sold lines.

3. Add New Benefit

For new cross-sold lines, you will use the portal to complete initial enrollment. You can enter in the employee elections, or, invite the group to self-enroll -- this will send an invite to the group admin to access their benefits portal and complete benefit elections (they can invite employees to self-enroll or fill out elections on their behalf).

Note: When you change the group's plan, cancel coverage, or, add a new line -- typically there will be required employer forms to complete in the "Forms" step.

4. Submit Renewal

IMPORTANT: If you do not submit the renewal before their renewal date, the group will auto-renew and no changes will go into effect. To submit the renewal, go to the last step in the renewal checklist "Review & Submit", review the information, and submit the renewal.

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